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Join us for open swim or a fitness class!

All of our classes are led by qualified, enthusiastic instructors who can adapt the routine to your fitness level.


Swim laps, water walk, or do your own workout. We have lots of exercise equipment to use in the pool.

Fluid Yoga

Shallow water

Come try a floating plank, floating cobra, or a downward facing dolphin and more! This class blends elements of Yoga and Tai Chi practices with dynamic flexibility and patterns to heighten the stretch. Class will take a new twist on poses that will challenge balance and stability. Feel the benefit of the stretch while submerged in the soothing aquatic environment. Flowing moves are for all fitness levels.

Joints in Motion

Shallow water

The class will improve posture, decrease joint and muscle pain, decrease the risk of falls/injury. Increase your ability to do the things you enjoy by going through a series of full range-of-motion exercises.

Deep H20 Challenge

Deep water

Get into shape with this cardio and body sculpting workout designed for all fitness levels looking for a challenge. Class includes effective and safe combinations of movements to strengthen the heart and tone the body! Have fun while achieving your fitness goals. Participants should be comfortable in deep water.

Aqua Pump & Power

Shallow water

Utilize the water’s resistance in various directions to improve balance and coordination. Also, strengthen your core through proper body alignment. Class includes use of aqua barbells, balls, and water wafers. 

Interval Training

Shallow water

Maximize your performance and push your limits with powerful water training by pumping up basic combinations in an interval format. Intervals include 3 minutes cardio and 1-minute muscle strengthening.

Boot Camp

Shallow and deep water

Take your fitness training to the next level with this high-intensity workout. Employ a variety of body positions (vertical, horizontal and diagonal) while participating in training drills that utilize the wall, equipment, team training and more.

Core Combat

Shallow and deep water

Dive into the pool of core training techniques that include standing, traveling, and buoyant options to develop dynamic strength for improved function. Learn options with and without equipment to meet a variety of goals and successfully target all skill levels.

Stir It Up

Shallow water

Jump in and make a splash! This class will keep you moving to tone and strengthen the entire body using ball, bands, barbells, and noodles. Class provides high- energy with low impact for participants of all ages and fitness levels.

Aqua Fit

Shallow and deep water

This class combines segments of cardio and strength training using intervals and water-approved weight-resistant tools. Change the dynamics of traditional aqua classes through the energetic use of force and resistance for a toned and functional body. Aqua fit is designed for all fitness levels.