Is water exercise only for the injured? Older people? Does it always get your hair wet? Is it a tough enough workout? Check out Misconceptions about Water Exercise. Then come visit us!

River Cities Community Pool promotes fitness through a variety of aquatic and other classes, equipment, and events in the Marinette/Menominee area.

Did you know?

We are more than just a pool!

We also have:

  • A full-service weight room with cardio equipment
  • Access to the UW-Marinette gymnasium for basketball or walking
  • Plenty of land group fitness classes
  • Something for everyone!

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Membership has its benefits:

  • Access to all classes (both land and water)
  • Access to the weight room (same hours as pool)
  • Reduced rate for swim lessons and personal training
  • Individual and family rates

Becoming a member is easy! Stop at the pool and take a tour, then talk to a lifeguard or the Aquatics Director about becoming a member. 

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Image result for new hours imageNew Summer Hours beginning July 1, 2018

Monday – Thursday 5am-7:00pm

(NO afternoon shut down)

Friday 5am-3:00pm

Saturday 6:30am-12:00pm

Sunday 10:30am-12:00pm

New classes


July Pool Schedule

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To sign up for classes/lessons or to get more information, call 715-735-0585.

River Cities Community Pool Water Fitness Class Descriptions

Catch the wave of the future! Join a water fitness class TODAY!

Classes can be modified to fit everyone’s fitness level

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Fluid Yoga (shallow water): Come try a floating plank, floating cobra or a downward facing dolphin and more! This class blends elements of Yoga and Tai Chi practices with dynamic flexibility and patterns to heighten the stretch. Class will take a new twist on poses that will challenge balance and stability will feeling the benefit of the stretch while submerged in the soothing aquatic environment. Flowing moves are for all fitness levels.

Joints in Motion (shallow water): Class will improve posture, decrease joint and muscle pain, decrease the risk for falls/injury, and the ability to do the things you enjoy to do by going thru a series of full range of motion exercises.

Deep Challenge (deep water): Get into shape with this deep water cardio and body sculpting workout designed for all fitness levels looking for a challenge. Class includes effective and safe combinations of movements to strengthen the heart and tone the body! Come join this fun and effective class to help achieve your fitness goal. Participants should be comfortable in deep water.

AquaLite (shallow water): Utilizing the water’s resistance in various directions will help with balance and coordination along with strengthening the core thru proper body alignment. Class includes use of aqua barbells, balls, and water wafers. Class held in shallow water.

Boot Camp (shallow and deep water): Take your fitness training to the next level with this high-intensity workout. Learn how to employ a variety of body positions (vertical, horizontal and diagonal), as well training drills that utilize the wall, use of equipment, team training and more.

Fluid Core (shallow and deep water): Dive into the pool of core training techniques that include standing, traveling and buoyant options to develop dynamic strength for improved function. Learn options with and without equipment to meet a variety of goals and successfully target all skill levels.

Stir it Up (shallow water): Jump in a make a splash! This class will keep you moving to tone and strengthen the entire body using ball, bands, barbells, and noodles. Class provides high- energy, low impact for participants of all ages and fitness levels.

Rock Solid (shallow water): This class combines segments of cardio and strength training. Using training intervals and water approved weight resistant tools. This class changes the dynamics of traditional aqua classes through energetic use of force and resistance. Rock Solid is designed for all fitness levels. The use of equipment will help drive the quality of your aqua experience and will result in a toned and functional body.

Sunrise Surprise (shallow and deep water): For the early morning riser, this will be a dual-depth class focusing on strength and cardio moves using the water for resistance.

AquaBurn (shallow water): This class will use many different formats, some Tabata, 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, kickboxing moves, Aqua Zumba moves, and much more to get a heart pumping, cardio and strength workout.

AquaFit-designed for all fitness levels using equipment that helps drive the quality of the aqua experience, resulting in a toned and functional body, utilizing aspects of strength, cardio, and mobility.

Land Yoga (land): Stretching and yoga class for all levels on land.

CardioStix (land): Cardio drumming class performed on land, learn to tone and strengthen your muscles while revving your heart rate up for a cardio burn.

BodyBoss (land): Bootcamp style lunchtime class, 24 minutes in length, so its perfect to hit on your break, suitable for ALL fitness levels, performed on land.